Plant Based Diet Challenge For You

Plant Based Diet Challenge For You
Plant Based Diet Challenge For You

Plant Based Diet Challenge For You


I challenge you to eat plant-based.

If you’re reading these words then YES, I’m talking to you!

On the fence about committing to such a life-changing decision? Then why not order one of the books or documentaries reviewed in this blog to serve as your inspiration?

While you wait for it to arrive, begin the transition at the level most comfortable for you:

  • Eat one plant-based meal a day. This is what Suzy Amis Cameron calls OMD.

  • Eat plant-based breakfasts and lunches, as Jonathan Safra Foer suggests.

  • Borrow a page from Eric Lindstrom by making a bet with someone to see who can go completely plant-based longer.

  •  Take the full plunge with Dr. John McDougall’s SOS (salt, oil, sugar)-free, 100-percent whole food, plant-based program.

Then let me know what commitment you decide on! As someone who’s been where you are now, I have three tried-and-true steps for succeeding with a challenge like this.

With these guidelines, I’ve kept many previous commitments and New Year’s Resolutions!

1.      Be very specific about the details of what you’re committing to.

2.      Be accountable for sharing your progress with someone on a daily or weekly basis.

3.      Establish clear starting and completion dates — and stick to them!

 Still a bit hesitant about the best way forward? Then just sign up at our Eat More Plants challenge page, where you can specify the level of your commitment and frequency of your accountability plan.

Why not get started right now? I’m looking forward to hearing from you and encouraging you on your journey!

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