Plant-Based Diet Environmental Impact

Plant-Based Diet Climate Change
Plant-Based Diet Climate Change

Plant-Based Diet Environmental Impact

I believe that every human has a responsibility to care for our planet. We owe it to our children and future generations to give them a vibrant and clean dwelling. Earth is our home, and we must work together to protect the land, air, and water from pollution and overuse.

Researcher Joseph Poore of Oxford University Department of Zoology began a research project to find sustainable animal producers. He gathered data from 38,700 farms in 119 countries, he studied 40 different food products that represent 90% of all food consumed, but no matter where he looked, he couldn’t find a sustainable animal producer.

Within a year of starting the project, he changed his diet, concluding that avoiding meat and dairy is the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce his impact on the earth.

Among his findings, he found livestock provides only 18% of calories worldwide but takes up 83% of all farmland.

In an interview posted to Youtube this year, he said,

“Even the lowest-impact animal products are typically creating more emissions and using more land than vegetable proteins… For example, the least sustainable soy milk is better for the planet than the most sustainable cows’ milk.”

He went on to say that our society must,

“Stop this dramatic transformation of the environment and our treatment of other species driven by our taste preference for animal products.”

The number one step a person can take to care for our planet is choosing plant-based foods.

I believe that future generations will look back on us in 2020 and celebrate those who took a stand and began turning the tide against the devastation caused by the meat, dairy, and egg industry. If we are serious about our responsibility for the planet, we will follow Joseph Poore’s example and change our diet.

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