Plant-Based For Physical Health

Plant-Based For Physical Health
Plant-Based For Physical Health

During a recent checkup, my doctor asked me about my diet. My confession that I eat plant-based was met with an eye roll and a scolding.

“Why would you do that to yourself? You need to eat meat,” he said.

Clearly, it was time to get a new doctor. I continued avoiding meat, dairy, and eggs and went on the hunt for a physician who was well-versed in the abundant research supporting the health benefits of a fully plant-based diet.

But not everyone is comfortable defying their doctor’s orders. 

Case in point: A member of my extended family responded positively when I gave her Dr. Michael Greger’s book, How Not To Die. She went plant-based for about a year. Success, I thought!

Then Christmas rolled around.

I had prepared a delicious plant-based feast and was looking forward to sharing it with my new convert. Imagine my surprise when she pulled a couple of cans of Vienna sausage out of her purse, saying she had abandoned her plant-based diet on her doctor’s orders.

So I gave her Dr. Greger’s newest book, How Not To Diet. But one big question remains…

Think about it!

How is it that we have smart cars that start at a voice command, and machines can make artificial legs that allow people to run marathons? Yet, many doctors and the general public lack a basic understanding of how food choices and nutrition impact the human body.

When I search online for “the optimal human diet,” there are so many different ideologies presented, I can see why most everyone is left confused. This blog is my attempt to change that.

In this space, I will focus on the writings of doctors, researchers, and scientists who are on the cutting edge of human diet and performance. I am excited to review books by:

and many others.

And check out Dr. Greger’s latest book here!

(Note: Please see my disclaimer at the bottom of the page.)

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