Plant-Based for the Animal Kingdom

Eating Plant-Based for the Sake of the Animals
Eating Plant-Based for the Sake of the Animals

On a recent flight from the east to the west coast, I couldn’t help imaging how countless numbers of buffalo, pronghorn antelope, wild horses, and grey wolves once roamed the vast American plains passing beneath.

And it hit me that, as the caretakers of planet Earth, we humans haven‘t lived up to our responsibility of protecting all living creatures.

Yes, of course, we also need a place to live. But am I being foolhardy to think we can share the planet with the animals instead of wiping out entire species of them through recklessness?

Where is the respect and reverence we should have towards all life on Earth? How is it that we accept the mass devastation being done to our oceans and rainforests? Not to mention the sickening factory-farm conditions that cause such suffering?

My point is not that farming and hunting are evil in themselves. However, what is wrong is the disconnect that lets us enjoy the meat from a sterile grocery store or upscale restaurant without a thought for the animal sacrificed to provide it.

One of the things I’ll be discussing in this plant-based blog is how, as human beings, we can come together to reject our callousness toward the plight of animals — and to replace it with compassion!

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