Produce Blends Launch

Produce Blends Launch
Produce Blends Launch

Produce Blends Launch

On May 13, I announced in my daily blog post that after eight years, the Fruitive menu would no longer be offering cold-pressed juices.

I made that decision after having read multiple doctor-authored books recommending the health benefits of smoothies over those of juices. This week, we finally released a video to our customer base announcing that going forward, we’ll upgrade all our juices to ProduceBlends.

Much thought went into that decision. Because juices were responsible for more than 25 percent of our sales, we knew some customers would naturally be unhappy about the change.

So far, however, we’ve had only one seriously dissatisfied customer, a gentleman at our original Virginia Beach location. As he waited for a meal minus his favorite juice, he was overheard repeating, “This f***ing sucks!”

His refusal to give our ProduceBlends a chance, however, only strengthened my resolve — especially when nutritionist Jennifer Van Horn provided her feedback:

  “So exciting!! This is a beautiful way to upgrade your nutrition.”

Another item gone missing from our menu this past year is oil, again based on several plant-based doctors’ recommendations.

For me, it’s all about building a company that doesn’t stagnate. At Fruitive, we’re always willing to challenge ourselves by introducing healthy menu upgrades.

That willingness reflects one of our three core values, “Continual Growth.” Even though taking juices off the menu is one of the biggest changes in our history, I’m confident that in this case following the doctors’ advice is the right thing to do.

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