Restaurant Closures

Restaurant Closures
Restaurant Closures

Fortunately, our Fruitive DC locations are still serving healthy, plant-based foods to anyone who needs to be out and about.  Many of our fellow restaurateurs, however, haven’t been so lucky.

I was surprised to learn that two other restaurants on the same Connecticut Avenue block as our DuPont location have shut their doors for good. Momofoku, the concept closest to our City Center location, is also gone.

For the entire restaurant industry, this is a time of upheaval. Perhaps, however, so many permanent closures are signaling that it’s time for us to reconsider our food choices.

Anyone needing a reason to go plant-based certainly won’t have to look far!

Over the past two days, I’ve blogged about the rapidly increasing fresh water scarcity. That growing shortage is just one small slice of the meat- and dairy-based diet’s negative environmental impacts.

Other reasons to abandon it include:

  • Animal waste devastating our waterways.

  • Increased Greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Farm land denigration from monoculture crops.

  • Deforestation.

  • Extinction of land animals, birds and fish.

The problems, however, reach beyond environmental damage to the horrific animal abuse of factory farms, feedlots and slaughterhouses and the human rights abuses related to global food production.

For example, fields formerly used to grow crops to feed the poor now grow crops to feed cattle. But the meat from those cattle is shipped to the world’s wealthier countries and cities, bypassing the poor who can’t afford it.

Finally, the impact of animal-based foods on our health is beyond debate.

Today I read an article about COVID-19’s effect our waistlines. During these past stressful months, many of us have changed our food choices — and gaining or losing weight as a result.

What I can say, from my own observation, is that the pandemic has persuaded many people to see the light. They’ve switched to eating plant-based food!

The evidence?

The only two restaurants remaining open on our block in DuPont Circle are 100-percent plant based! 

The movement is growing — and it’s time to join! 

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