Salad Overdose

Salad Overdose
Salad Overdose

“Eat your fruits and vegetables.”


“But Dad! I want ice cream.”

-Me when I was 10 

Like the kids of so many health-conscious parents, I lived in a home where fruits and vegetables were always plentiful. In fact, I ate so many salads as a child that I made a promise to myself:

“When I grow up, I’ll get to decide everything I eat — and salads won’t be on the list!” 

Eventually, of course, I did grow up and move out on my own. And true to my word, I honored my vow to the sundae-craving little boy I had been.

I filled up on junk food to my heart’s content — and paid the price for my impunity. What I didn’t understand as a child was that eating unhealthy foods has unhealthy consequences.

The punishment, in my case, came in the form of frequent, severe headaches. They were much worse and longer-lasting than the brain-freeze, ice cream-induced headaches of my childhood!

Still, it took me many years to accept that what I choose to eat or drink has immediate effects on my physical condition, energy level, and long-term health.

It was a long time coming, but I’ve finally broken the promise my younger self made to his grown-up counterpart. I’m now committed to following my Dad’s advice and eating salads galore — and I feel better than I ever have!

This blog is about returning to my roots and encouraging everyone to experience the extraordinary wisdom of a plant-based lifestyle!

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