Sheep of Fools By Sue Coe and Judith Brody

Ship Of Fools Book Summary

Ship Of Fools Book Summary

For the front cover of her book Sheep of Fools, animal rights advocate Sue Coe painted the image of a sheep wearing an ear tag inscribed “Animal Slave.”

For the back cover, she painted dozens of sheep swimming for their lives as the ship transporting them thousands of miles to slaughter sinks beneath a moonlit sea.

I blog freely about animal welfare issues. And this is clearly an animal welfare book. But the desperate plight of its subjects calls to mind the worst atrocities we humans have inflicted upon one another.

Sheep of Fools is a heartwrenching reminder of our ignorance and cruelty. In our 21st-century world, many social justice concerns demand addressing. On this day, my family and I joined peaceful protesters in Washington DC.

Ignorance and injustice go hand in hand. The sign my daughter made and carried bore this message:

“Listening, Learning.”

To be able to live every day, not in ignorance about and fear of one another, but with respect and compassion toward one another. That’s the hope I have for my children — and for the entire world!

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