Sputtering Summer Sales

Sputtering Summer Sales
Sputtering Summer Sales

Today, I was featured in a Washington Post article about the toll the coronavirus has taken on small DC businesses such as Fruitive.

As the WP’s DC Desk reporter Emily Davies mentions, 2020 has been a rough year to be in the restaurant industry. We’ve already permanently closed one of our five locations and are moving mountains to keep the others open.

We’ve begun adjusting to this new reality by focusing onalternatives to the traditional dine-in experience. Our first step was to establish a plant-based home meal delivery service.

I’m also very hopeful about a line of plant-based products we’re developing for the grocery-store and online markets.

Undoubtedly, it’s been a stressful year. That said, I’m sovery grateful for the challenges that have kept me learning and growing — and for the blog readers who’ve been sharing my adventure. Especially those of you who check in every day.

Together, we’re on a journey to better the planet. The difficulties 2020 has inflicted on so many can become the catalyst for an Earth-restoring change, if only more of us will seize the opportunity to make it happen!

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