The China Study Solution By Thomas Campbell, MD

The China Study Solution By Thomas Campbell, MD
The China Study Solution By Thomas Campbell, MD

The China Study Solution By Thomas Campbell, MD

Dr. Thomas Campbell still remembers eating the last hamburger of his life at a highway rest-stop fast food restaurant during his teen years. Sometime later, one of his friend’s sisters couldn’t imagine how anyone could live without eating meat.

When she asked what his family ate, he responded, “I don’t know – plants?”

By the time he graduated from college, Campbell considered himself a vegetarian. In his book The China Study Solution, however, he confesses that cheese, processed foods, fats and oils remained on his menu.

It wasn’t until he started co-authoring the landmark plant-based book The China Study with his father that he embraced a whole food, plant-based diet. You can read my review of it — one of my all-time favorite plant-based books — here.

Having been disappointed before by follow-up titles which paled in comparison with the originals, I wasn’t sure what to expect from The China Study Solution. But take it from me; it was far from a let-down!

Instead, this effort is an uplifting and practical guide to choosing whole, plant-based foods. Mixing stories from his own life and medical practice with the latest nutritional research, The China Study Solution most definitely bears Campbell’s personal stamp!

As part of his medical practice, the family physician routinely shares his personal food choices with his patients. This book does the same for his readers:

“I tell my patients that the lifestyle choices they make are more important and more powerful for long-term health and disease than any pill or procedure they can get from me or any other doctor.

And he couldn’t be clearer about how to maximize the benefits of choosing a plant-based lifestyle:

“In an optimal whole-food, plant-based diet, the closer you get to exclusively eating whole plant foods, the better you’ll do.”

I, for one, really appreciated Dr. Campbell’s refreshing transparency!

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