The Colorful Family Table By Ilene Godofsky Moreno

The Colorful Family Table By Ilene Godofsky Moreno
The Colorful Family Table By Ilene Godofsky Moreno

The Colorful Family Table By Ilene Godofsky Moreno

For Ilene Godofsky Moreno, family dinners in 1990s South Florida typically consisted of foods pulled from “frozen packages, boxes [and] plastic bags.”

Eating this way, she writes in The Colorful Family Table, was simply more convenient for her busy mother:

“She tried to make us healthy food but… finding healthy recipes we would actually eat was easier said than done so Hamburger Helper, frozen fish sticks and other frozen processed foods… won out.”

That convenience, however, came with a price.  From the age of 7, Ilene “had been on a steady stream of prescription shots and allergy medications… but … still managed to be constantly coughing, sneezing and suffering from sinus problems.”

It wasn’t until reaching 20 that Ilene turned to food to heal her. Her results, after only four days on the plant-based macrobiotic diet?

“I began to experience a sense of clarity and lightness I had never felt before. I noticed another huge difference in the way that I felt: for the first time in my life my stomach didn’t hurt after I ate. “

After four weeks, her allergies were gone — and so was her need for medication. After six months, she spent an entire summer living on raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and sprouts.

However, with the return of fall, Ilene “… began to crave cooked grains and tofu.” That’s when she decided to trust that her body knew what foods it needed each season.

Today, Godofsky Moreno is raising her own children on a seasonal, plant-based diet. The Colorful Family Table’s recipes are her offering to other parents wanting to do likewise.

Children are honest taste testers. A few weeks ago, I brought my hungry kids with me to a tasting. The Fruitive chef presented us with five different options, and they dove right in.

Figuring out what worked (and what needed work) wasn’t hard:

·      One option was completely gone

·      One option was partially eaten

·      The other three options were nibbled around the edges

The clear winner is now on our menu. The partially eaten recipes were sent back for more testing, and the others scrapped.

Each of The Colorful Family Table’s recipes is a kid-approved winner. Trust me; this is not an easy feat! Or do your own test by trying her Leftover Sweet Potato Brown Rice Breakfast Pudding.

It’s a warm, sweet way for the entire family to get the cold-weather days off to a delicious, nutritious, and oh-so-filling start!

And, as proof that Ilene’s recipes look as great as they taste, check out her Instagram page!

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