The Game Changers Movie Review

The Game Changers Movie Review
The Game Changers Movie Review

The Game Changers Movie Review

A few months ago, my son came home from sports practice and informed me his coach said he needed to eat more meat for protein.

He looked at me with skepticism when I tried to explain that his body absorbs protein much more efficiently from plant-based food, and he gets more than enough protein from his current diet.

I even pulled out my well-worn argument that the biggest and tallest land animals (elephants, gorillas, and giraffes) eat plant-based and get all the protein they need. But he didn’t seem convinced.

Finally, I said, “Who is the strongest player on your team?” He responded with a grin.

“And who is the fastest?” I asked.

His grin widened.

“So maybe the other kids on the team should be following your diet.”

He laughed, nodded his head in agreement, and said, “You’re right.”

Score one for Dad.

A few weeks after this conversation, my wife and kids gathered around to watch The Game Changers.

The documentary follows James Wilks, a UFC fighter, to uncover the optimal diet for a world-class athlete.

In one of my favorite scenes, he returns to the gym after recuperating from an injury while eating plant-based foods — and easily breaks his battle-ropes duration record!

I also enjoyed Dotsie Bausch’s amazing story. At almost 40, she became the oldest woman to stand on the Olympic podium as a track cycling medalist. And she credits vegan eating for her stamina.

The best part of watching, however, didn’t begin until the credits rolled. My son turned towards me with a look of adulation and said, “I am so proud of you, Dad!”

“So, this is why you started Fruitive,” one of the other kids said.

My kids saw athletes and doctors saying what they’ve grown up hearing me say. It was that rarest of moments: An entrepreneur children’s sudden appreciation for why their dad works so hard!

I enjoyed their reaction to the movie so much I had to watch it again with my parents. They liked seeing James encourage his heart-attack victim Dad to go vegan and meet with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn to learn how plant-based foods can actually reverse heart disease.

My wife also enjoyed seeing the movie twice, even though she thinks it’s geared for a male audience.

The Game Changers goes a very long way to dispelling the widely held myth that eating plant-based leads to a pale, frail body. And I’m proud to be the father of a kid who is also shattering stereotypes about the plant-based lifestyle!

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