The Great Life Cookbook

The Great Life Cookbook
The Great Life Cookbook

Every Friday for 17 years, Priscilla Timberlake and Lewis Freedman cooked macrobiotic plant-based dinners for a large group of friends and family.

Over the years, they refined their seasonal recipes to create wonderfully memorable dishes. Along the way, they also developed a keen understanding of how to cook foods anyone can enjoy, regardless of their dietary needs.

The Great Life Cookbook packages everything they learned about home cooking delicious plant-based meals for friends and loved ones.

Why is that important?

Because as a family physician and 13-time New York Times best-selling cookbook author Dr. Mark Hyman writes in The Great Life Cookbook’s foreword:

“The slow insidious displacement of home cooked and communally shared family meals by the industrial food system has fattened our nation and weakened our family ties. The Great Life Cookbook… is the catalyst that can turn this tide and help Americans take back their kitchens, take back their homes and rebuild community and connection. Health happens in the community.”

Non-vegan Hyman, who counts the authors as his “oldest and dearest college friends,” continues:

Imagine an experiment…We call upon the people of the world to join together and celebrate food… For one week we all eat breakfast and dinner at home with our families or friends… we all eat only real, whole, fresh food… if we did something as simple as sharing meals together — guided by The Great Life Cookbook — how might that transform lives?”

The cookbook’s guidance includes meal plans (with recipes from soup to dessert) to feed large gatherings for each month of the year. It also provides instructions for easily scaling each recipe to smaller groups.

The important thing, as Lewis Freedman compellingly writes when acknowledging the strong evidence favoring a whole food, plant-based diet? Sharing your meals makes them even healthier:

“… It is now accepted that social support is a key element in the quality of life, and even of longevity.”

Priscilla Timberlake has a more poetic take: “We hope to kindle the sacredness, healing and magic that emerges when people gather to share a meal of local food that nurtures the body, mind and soul.”

But the simplest — and perhaps most ringing — endorsement of The Great Life Cookbook comes from plant-based luminary Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study and Whole.

In describing the meals he and his wife enjoyed as regulars at the Friday night feasts, Campbell put it this way: “This is what I mean by a delicious whole food, plant-based diet.”

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