The Health Promoting Cookbook By Alan Goldhamer D.C.

The Health Promoting Cookbook
The Health Promoting Cookbook

The Health Promoting Cookbook

For 35 years, Alan Goldhamer’s True North Health Center has helped people switch to a whole-food, plant-based diet. Goldhamer understands what’s involved in making successful dietary transition. And it’s simple:

If you don’t want to eat it, don’t have it your house.

“Don’t bring fats, oils, salt, and sugar, processed foods or animal products into your home — not even ‘just for company,” he writes in The Health Promoting Cookbook: Simple, Guilt-free, Vegetarian Recipes.

A ban on animal-based foods?

But what about protein? As I was reminded in a recent conversation with a fellow athlete, many people believe giving up animal products means giving up the protein necessary for optimum performance:

Athlete: “How do you get enough protein? My wife is a vegan. I’ve studied it out and it’s impossible for me to get adequate protein on a vegan diet.”

Me: “I get all the protein I need. So do vegan endurance athletes like Rich Roll and Scott Jurek.”

Athlete: “Really? You should be getting double RDA for workout days. That’s over 130 grams for me, which isn’t possible without meat.”

Me: “That’s a lot of protein. I don’t want to eat too much protein.”

Athlete: (looking at me like I was an idiot) “That’s what’s recommended.”

Sadly, more than 99 percent of doctors and registered dietitians would probably agree with him.

But according to Dr. Goldhamer, animal-based foods not only short-change us on fiber and antioxidants. They also overload us with protein.

As he observes:

“In spite of what millions of dollars of meat and dairy industry advertising would have you believe, it is excess, not inadequate protein, that is the threat.”

Consuming excess protein, he says, contributes to:

  • kidney disease

  • various forms of cancer

  • high cholesterol

  • various autoimmune and hypersensitivity diseases

and osteoporosis.

Goldhamer — and many doctors I’ve discussed on this blog — have been following a plant-based diet for most of their lives. They also recommend it to all their patients, including athletes.

The results have been incredible, without a single reported case of kwashiorkor (a severe protein deficiency) from those eating calorie-sufficient plant-based diets.

Published in 1977, The Health Promoting Cookbook includes meal plans and delicious, healthy recipes accompanied with detailed nutritional information.

And even though Dr. Goldhamer wrote it more than 23 years ago, the dietary advice he offers is as health-promoting as ever!

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