The Kind Diet By Alicia Silverstone

The Kind Diet Review (Alicia Silverstone)
The Kind Diet Review (Alicia Silverstone)

The Kind Diet Review

It was 1994, one year before I first heard about the World Wide Web. I was doing what many other sixteen-year-olds were doing that summer — sitting on the couch with my girlfriend watching MTV.

One music video, Aerosmith’s Crazy, stands out in my mind. The song was catchy, but that wasn’t what got my attention. Alicia Silverstone, the actress playing alongside Liv Tyler, did.

At the time, I didn’t have a big enough crush to watch her chick flick Clueless. But when I heard that she’d written a book about veganism – I had to read it!

Called The Kind Diet, it’s a well researched effort full of thought-provoking perspectives on all the compelling reasons why plant-based eating is the way to go!

Take one of its insights on the connection between meat consumption and potential health problems:

“Another disturbing thing about meat is that it’s secondhand food; in other words because you are eating an animal, you are eating everything stored in the animal’s tissues, including all the toxins he couldn’t get rid of.”

On the environmental impact of our food choices, Alicia observes:

“We have strict laws about the disposal of human waste but none for the animal equivalent: livestock produces 130 times more waste than people do! In fact, one farm in Utah with 500,000 pigs produces more fecal matter than the 1.5 million inhabitants of Manhattan!”

But there’s more. Before animals end up on our plates, their waste contaminates the air we breathe and the streams and rivers that quench our thirst and bathe us. This statistic should give any meat eater pause:

“Next time you tuck in that juicy steak, know that it is responsible for 17 times more water pollution than a bowl of noodles.”

As the face of many PETA promotional ads over the years, Alicia also has a comprehensive grasp of animal welfare issues.

Somewhat surprisingly for the actress who played Clueless’ ditzy high-school style icon Cher Horowitz, she uses a bit of Bible commentary to support animal welfare and religious reasons for eating vegan:

 “The argument is often put forth that, in the Bible, man was given dominion over the animals, which is interpreted as, ‘Hey, let’ go get a ham sandwich!’ Dominion means stewardship, implying a certain respect that just doesn’t exist in our factory-farming world.”

She also confronts carnists with the simple challenge to, Tell me that they [animals] don’t love living and that they don’t feel pain. Every single creature wants to live fully. That’s what God designed us to do.” 

Are you interested in switching from animal- to plant-based eating? Smooth your transition with The Kind Diet‘s three levels of delicious, creative recipes:

  • Flirting level recipes cater to anyone just starting the journey

  • Going Vegan recipes are for those ready to give up all animal-based products — not just the edible ones.

  • Superhero recipes are created for a vegan macrobiotic diet of whole, seasonal, locally sourced plant foods. Alicia eats at the Superhero level.

Many people have called Alicia and other PETA advocates crazy. Anyone who takes a hard look at the facts The Kind Diet presents, however, must realize that those who live meat-profligate lives are the truly “clueless” ones!

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