The Lucky Ones By Jenny Brown

The Lucky Ones By Jenny Brown
The Lucky Ones By Jenny Brown

The Lucky Ones By Jenny Brown

How good is Jenny Brown at knowing exactly what she wants to say and being willing to say it?

Good enough that her husband Doug once called her “the girl who was born with soapboxes on her feet!”

And if her book The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals is any indication of Brown’s gift for soapbox storytelling, sign me up!

The Lucky Ones recounts Brown’s personal story. It starts when, after cancer cost her a leg at age 10, Jenny longed for “… a steadfast companion. Someone who could be there when I needed — and someone who was oblivious to what I was going through. I wanted a pet.”

Her wish was filled by a tiny, orange-spotted kitten named Boogie. During a conversation with Boogie, Jenny imagined how frightened the kitten must have been to be torn away from her mother and plunked down among complete strangers.

Jenny realized that Boogie had had no more say in losing her mother than she’d had in losing her leg. The seeds of her passion to protect animal rights had been planted.

But when she came across some PETA information pamphlets during her college orientation week, they really began to flower. After making the connection between suffering animals and the food on her plate, Jenny became a vegetarian. Soon she was speaking out about animal rights.

Then in 2002, a visit to Gene Baur’s Farm Sanctuary opened her eyes to the extreme abuse of factory-farmed egg-laying hens and dairy cows. The encounter persuaded Jenny and Doug to go vegan.

It also persuaded her to go undercover and film the stockyard animal abuse common across the United States. She explores that effort in her book Living the Farm Sanctuary Life.

She returned from the stockyards a changed woman. Determined to save other animals from the cruelty she’d seen, she began working at Baur’s sanctuary.

When she’d acquired enough experience, Jenny realized her own childhood dream of becoming an animal protector by founding the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

The Lucky Ones is the long and happy tale of the abused or abandoned animals that have made their way to Jenny, Doug and their life-saving love!

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