The McDougall Program For Maximum Weight Loss

The McDougall Program For Maximum Weight Loss
The McDougall Program For Maximum Weight Loss

The McDougall Program For Maximum Weight Loss John McDougal, MD

At just 18 years old, Dr. John McDougall suffered a massive. temporarily paralyzing stroke.Eventually, he regained the use of his left side. A persistent limp remains to remind him of his near brush with death.

But the medical specialists who managed McDougall’s recovery were mystified about how a seemingly healthy young man could experience a trauma usually reserved for the elderly.

Bothered that they couldn’t answer his questions about his conditions’ cause and treatment, he checked himself out of the hospital and returned to college to prepare for med school.

But it wasn’t until his mid-20s that McDougall finally connected his stroke to his diet. After giving up animal-based products and fats, he soon dropped 50 unwanted pounds.

Inspired by his revelation and eager to put his difficult memories behind him, Dr. McDougall wrote The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss. Unlike most diets, it allows unlimited amounts of the right foods.

Only animal products and oils (even plant-based ones) are prohibited. As he explains:

“All oils are 100 percent fat … Those fats are kept in your adipose tissues, found mostly under the surface of your skin and your surrounding organs. In other words, that fat makes you fatter.”

In this time of carbohydrate vilification, in other words, Dr. McDougall is giving you permission to consume complex carbs — and even some simple sugars like fruits and fruit juices! His reason?

Your won’t feel satiated until you get enough of them:

“Your body wants carbohydrates more than any other component of your food. And it will urge you to eat and eat and eat until it gets an adequate supply of them.”

The McDougall Program provides both a simple-to-follow food plan and more than 100 delicious recipes created by the doctor’s wife Mary.

If you’d like to give this way of eating a try, but think you’d do better with some support, the McDougall Health & Medical Center in Santa Rosa, CA offers the Program as a live-in experience.

Naturally, it includes three meals a day at the McDougall-approved, all-you-can-eat buffet!

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