The Mindful Vegan By Lani Muelrath

The Mindful Vegan By Lani Muelrath
The Mindful Vegan By Lani Muelrath

The Mindful Vegan By Lani Muelrath

For millions of Americans, the yo-yo dieting cycle all too familiar The pattern of losing weight only to gain it back (and usually more) has led to a host of fad diets. Many of them show up on mMagazine covers touted as “the last diet you’ll ever need!”

For decades, The Mindful Vegan’s author Lani Muelrath had tried overcome her irresistible food cravings with a healthy diet. Inevitably, however, her success was short-lived. The yo-yo cycle had kicked in once more.

Still, Lani — who’s also a fitness expert certified in plant-based nutrition — never stopped hoping that the next diet would be “the one.” In desperation, she even sought help from a diet “counselor” to no avail.

 But then…

On the fourth day of a mindfulness retreat, Lani experienced a deepened awareness of her physical sensations. And suddenly, she had a life-altering revelation.

She describes the startling transformation:

Previously, I could overeat with the best of them. But I never again had one binge incident.”

It was if her obsession with dieting had simply dissolved. Not only that; her newfound mindfulness allowed Lani to heal her long-strained relations with her father!

As she and her parents where eating at a diner one day, Lani made the decision to be mindful of her negative feelings — while also remaining present and attentive to her dad.

The simple decision to change her thinking resulted in the two of them sharing one of their happiest times together. All because of mindfulness!

Before I started The Mindful Vegan, I doubted the need for a book on a mindfulness-veganism connection. The more I read, however, the more I understood the importance of Lani’s message.

What she has to say goes far beyond the “Eat-this-don’t-eat-that” restrictions of most diet books. Her 30-day plan is a complete guide to living a healthy, happy, mindfulness-grounded life!

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