The Plantpower Way By Rich Roll And Julie Piatt

The Plantpower Way By Rich Roll And Julie Piatt (Summary)
The Plantpower Way By Rich Roll And Julie Piatt (Summary)

The Plantpower Way By Rich Roll And Julie Piatt

But at the age of 40, he got up off his couch and lost 50 pounds. Then, with the help of his wife, he proceeded to become one of the fittest men on Earth. Roll and his wife Julie Piatt have since become legends in the plant-based world.

Together they trained, ate, raced and won our hearts. And together, they wrote The Plantpower Way: Whole Food Plant-Based Recipes and Guidance for The Whole Family: A Cookbook.

Roll and Piatt are transparent about their ideals. They share openly about how their entire family has embraced a plant-based lifestyle.

In an age where children and their parents often eat separate meals at separate times, Julie accomplished something that was seemingly impossible.

She learned how to make meals nourishing enough to sustain her husband through 30 hours of training each week — and tasty enough to please her kids!

I expected The Plantpower Way to be full of mouthwatering recipes. But it’s much more. Roll and Piatt kick things off with this promise:

“Eating plant-based is neither a fad nor a momentary fashion trend, but rather a deep, lasting, sustainable lifestyle that can and will transform your life and the life of you children.”

And they don’t disappoint!

Now that I’ve read through their entire treasure trove of information, I want everyone to enjoy The Plantpower Way. Full of both heart and great food, it’s definitely worth checking out!

(Still not convinced?)

Then I recommend trying their recipe for Aztec Enchiladas with Fast Raw Mole Sauce. Corn tortillas filled with a robust blend of:

  • red potatoes

  • spinach

  • olives

  • chia seeds

and smothered in a date, tomato, pumpkin seed and chili puree can be very persuasive!

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