The PlantPure Kitchen By Kim Campbell

The PlantPure Kitchen
The PlantPure Kitchen

For many of us, the idea of transitioning to a partially or fully plant-based diet can be daunting. But does it have to be?

Definitely not, according to The PlantPure Kitchen‘s author Kim Campbell. And as her father-in-law, plant-based pioneer Dr. T. Colin Campbell, vouches, Kim is more than qualified to ease the way for any plant-based wannabes making the change.

Dr. Campbell, who wrote both The China Study and Whole (reviewed here and here) says in the Foreword to the 2017 cookbook:

“I have many times eaten the food that … my daughter-in-law Kim Campbell … made according to the recipes in this book. Kim is simply a very good cook… who looks to see what… she has in the fridge and then just imagines what could go together to make a good meal, Her food is just plain good — with the added value of being exceptionally healthy.”

One of the biggest hurdles to adopting a vegan diet, Kim admits, is that many of us simply don’t know how to store fresh produce. So we end up tossing about 25 percent of what we bring home — and how many grocery-shopping budgets can absorb a hit like that each week?

But in The PlantPure Kitchen’s first section, “Getting Started,” Kim addresses the problem of storing fruits and veggies, along with supplying dozens of practical, readable tips on:

  • planning and organizing meals

  • stocking your pantry with plant-based staples

  • getting comfortable with unfamiliar ingredients

  • kitchen tools that will come in handy

  • plant-based substitutes for common animal-based products

  • gluten-free substitutes

  • understanding food labels

and saving money!

Prepping produce for easy meals during the week doesn’t have to be overwhelming, she insists. You just need the right procedures, such as planning all your meals in advance — including several recipes that can be cooked in quantities large enough to provide leftovers!

Most of this entertainingly practical cookbook, of course, is devoted to simple, delicious and oh-so-healthy recipes. One standout is Kim’s Mason Jar Oatmeal Breakfast, a tantalizing combination of:

  • oats

  • plant-based milk

  • vanilla extract

  • maple syrup

  • blueberries

  • mango

  • walnuts

  • chia seeds

and cinnamon.

Put everything in a 16-ounce Mason jar, shake it thoroughly and refrigerate it overnight. Voila! The perfect grab-and-go breakfast, complete with its own “bowl!”

All our Fruitive locations, in fact, offer a very similar product called Overnight Oats. And judging from our customers’ enthusiastic response, we’re confident this recipe is one you don’t want to miss!

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