The Pleasure Trap By Douglas J. Lisle & Alan Goldhamer

The Pleasure Trap By Douglas J. Lisle & Alan Goldhamer

The Pleasure Trap By Douglas J. Lisle & Alan Goldhamer

Nobody would have called Alan shy about sharing his opinions. The benefits of eating plant-based and fasting weres his most important life discoveries to date.

If there were anyone he wanted to convince, it was his best friend Doug. The two California kids had been friends since the age of eight. By the time they reached their early 20s, Doug had begun taking Alan’s recommendations seriously.

Alan went on to study chiropractic care. As Dr. Alan Goldhamer, D.C, he opened the True North Health Center in Santa Rosa. In the meantime, Doug had earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Virginia. He was then appointed Lecturer in Psychology at Stanford University.

Eventually, the two old friends reunited to research and write a groundbreaking book, The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Hidden Force that Undermines Health & Happiness.

In it, they took a deep dive into the root causes of our medical problems. What was their groundbreaking discovery?

That that many of our modern-day health issues are directly tied to being faced with an overabundance of processed foods! In their words:

“The real culprits in most modern-day health problems are excesses, not deficiencies. It is the subtraction of these excesses that will solve most of our problems.”

In our culture of excess, anyone daring to suggest that we avoid certain food groups is often met with derision. But that didn’t stop Drs. Lisle and Goldhamer from presenting their case for avoiding meat, dairy products and eggs.

They even went so far as to devote an entire chapter to the benefits of occasional water fasting — a first in my plant-based reading spree, and a complete confirmation of something I’ve witnessed first-hand.

Five years ago, we thought that without hip surgery, my Dad would never run around with his grandchildren — or even walk normally again. He also suffered from chronic irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) that worsened as he aged.

After researching water fasting, Dad decided to give it a try. My siblings and I were skeptical. But when his local chiropractic doctor agreed to monitor him during the fast, we went along.

The result?

After 43 days of fasting, Dad’s body had healed itself! From not being able to walk to the mailbox, he now walks five to 10 miles most days. Better yet, his IBS is completely gone.

But even after witnessing his astonishing, surgery-free recovery for myself, I’m still embarrassed to share Dad’s transformation with people. Even I realize how hard it is to believe.

Dr. Alan’s words from The Pleasure Trap echo my sentiments exactly:

“We are almost embarrassed when talking to fellow health professionals about our ‘secret.’ But we cannot resist. The body’s response to water-only fasting is an extraordinary adaptive tool that may be utilized as a method for assisting the body to heal itself of many chronic diseases.”

“And when we pause to consider that most of the diseases of our civilization are chronic diseases of dietary excess, the concept of using water-only fasting as a healing tool begins to make some serious sense.”

Just ask my Dad!

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