The Significance Of March 7, 2020

The Significance Of March 7, 2020
The Significance Of March 7, 2020

The Significance Of March 7, 2020

This is hard and stressful.” – Me

Stop that. Imagine yourself successful.” – My Mom

As the owner of a health-focused, plant-based restaurant, I have an extra reason to celebrate New Year’s Day each year. What is it?

The New Year’s Resolution so many people make to begin eating healthier foods translates to a boost in sales for my business! I realize, of course, that many of them will fall off the bandwagon within a few weeks.

That, however, hasn’t kept me from making my own resolutions. But sticking to them has depended on making and testing different options before taking the plunge on January 1.

For me, setting a goal is fun. If I really set my mind to it (and get some encouragement from my Mom), I have a great chance of achieving it. My earlier successes include:

  •     Keeping a daily journal

  •     Spending more time with my family

  •     Eating healthier foods

In the past two years, for example, I resolved to read 100 books per year.

I take these resolutions pretty seriously. I began considering my options in October and set December aside for testing.

Some things that keep me going are this study on how we form habits and this article from the UK’s Telegraph. It reports that — on average — we need 66 days for a practice to become a habit.

So in 2020, any resolution you keep until March 7 has a very good likelihood of becoming a desirable habit!

Haven’t yet chosen and prepared for a New Year’s Resolution? Don’t panic, because I have a great suggestion: Make a commitment to start eating plant-based food!

Yes, there will be difficult days or weeks when sticking to your resolution. We all have them! But by pushing ahead and focusing on success, you goal is reachable.

For 2020, I am resolving to blog each day. So I welcome you to check my blog and offer your encouragement — and hopefully get the necessary encouragement for your own plant-based journey!

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