This Cheese Is Nuts By Julie Piatt

This Cheese Is Nuts By Julie Piatt
This Cheese Is Nuts By Julie Piatt

This Cheese Is Nuts By Julie Piatt

remember saying to my wife some years ago, “I can give up meat, but I can’t give up cheese.”

And I wasn’t the only one feeling that way!

As plant-based chef Julie Piatt observes in her latest book This Cheese Is Nuts!: The biggest question most people have when they consider adopting a plant-based lifestyle is: ‘How can I live without cheese and dairy?’”

So, how did I give up cheese? Oftentimes, we just need to be presented with the cold, hard facts on an issue and the truth will give us the strength to change. When I read what Dr. Neal Barnard had to say about cheese in his book The Cheese Trap, I never touched it again.

What Julie has to say in This Cheese Is Nuts!’ Introduction also has me feeling very good about my decision:Most people sincerely believe that cows and goats are not harmed in any way by being raised for milk.”

But what she describes next shows that nothing could be further from the truth!

Dairy animals suffer abuse-filled lives. They’re:

  • confined in tight quarters with their own waste.

  • injected with hormones to boost their milk output far longer than in natural.

  • sold for slaughter as soon as their milk production stops.

Most dairy cows, she writes, are slaughtered at such a young age that very few of us ever see a full-grown one.

The nut-based cheese recipes in This Cheese Is Nuts! are Julie’s gift to all former dairy-cheese addicts looking for a healthy way to ease their cravings.

I’m blessed to own plant-based Fruitive, where I can indulge in nut-based cheeses every day. At home, my wife loves to experiment by creating them for our family.

Now, thanks to the 75 delectable recipes in Julie’s book, we’ll be enjoying fresh, healthy plant-based cheeses to our hearts’ content!

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