Tom Brady Diet: Super Bowl Star’s 15 Superfoods

Tom Brady Diet
Tom Brady Diet

Tom Brady Diet: An NFL  Superstar’s  Superfoods

Some Americans love football, some hate it, and many others couldn’t care less. But no matter their preference, most would admit that Tom Brady’s performance in Super Bowl LV on Sunday wasn’t merely stunning. It was unprecedented.

  • At 43, he broke the age barrier as the oldest starting quarterback in Super Bowl history.
  • He did it eating a mostly plant-based diet.

    Tom Brady Diet: America's favorite veggie.
    America’s favorite veggie.
  • He smashed the stereotype that only weaklings get their nutrients primarily from fruits, vegetables, and greens.

He eats very little of the French fries, pizza, soda, and animal-based products that make up well over 80 percent of America’s diet.

Instead, the Tom Brady diet gets over 80 percent of its nutrients from whole, plant-based foods!

Tom Brady Diet - Juice Orange
America’s #1 source of fruit.

That’s remarkable, considering that a single banana is more whole-fruits-or-vegetables than many Americans eat each day.

According to the CDC, “men, younger adults, and people living in poverty” consume the fewest fruits and vegetables.

In 2019, the  USDA  weighed in with the alarming news that vegetable intake for the vast majority of Americans consisted mainly of French fried potatoes and tomato-based pizza sauce.

They were getting the bulk of their fruit from nutrient-depleted apple and orange juices!

A Tom Brady Diet Closeup: Inside the Fridge

During a recent interview, Tom allowed the Men’s Health magazine’s U.S. camera crew to make a “Gym and Fridge” tour video clip.

It provides a peek at his refrigerator’s contents:

  1. whole potatoes
  2. bananas
  3. hummus
  4. blueberries 
  5. purple grapes
  6. pears
  7. apples 
  8. oranges
  9. mango
  10. cucumber
  11. kale
  12. bok choy 
  13. cilantro 
  14. lemons
  15. dark chocolate bars

A wider shot revealed more bananas on the kitchen counter, next to a bowl holding a pineapple and more apples.

What staples are always in the fridge? “A lot of vegetables, a lot of fruit, and always chocolate.”

Does the Tom Brady Diet allow “cheat days,” the reporter wondered.  Once again, Tom’s answer was direct: “Enough of the cheat meals. Stupid question!” 

His pre-game meal?  “Smoothie, almond-butter jelly sandwich.”

If Super Bowl LV’s performance was any indication, whole-food smoothies, and almond-butter and jelly sandwiches belong on training table menus everywhere!

A Tom Brady Diet Experiment: Attitude is Everything

If more Americans ate like Tom Brady, we’d have a much healthier country! But how many of us are like CBS Sports reporter Pete Blackburn, who experimented with Tom’s way of eating for one week?

Pete described his regular diet as “cigarettes, cheap beer, and frozen pizza.”  On Day Two of his experiment, he complained:

“I had a banana for breakfast, and then I completely skipped lunch because I simply didn’t want to eat any of this healthy crap.”

At the end of Day Three, he described his irritation at being unable to eat whatever the hell he wanted. His closing words that night?

“But I’m already daydreaming about absolute havoc I’m going to unleash on my body once this experiment is over.”

Oh, well…

How’d he end the week? Proud for not succumbing to a meal at McDonald’s – and confessing, “I did drink a bunch of beers while playing video games all night, though. Whoops.” 

Sadly, Google is currently returning Pete’s review as one of its top results for searches on “Tom Brady Diet.” How much does his attitude represent the average American’s?

I’m not sure – but I am sure that it’s killing us. Yet, I still have hope.

Tom Brady’s Diet and The Superstar Effect

Human beings are impressionable, especially where the behavior of heroes and superstars is concerned.  Case in point:

When I was a teenager, one of my older brother’s friends spent a week with us. Around six years older than I, he’d already traveled around Europe as a professional soccer player. 

While eating a banana one morning, he mentioned that he always started his day with fruit. And before every soccer match, he’d eat a banana for the potassium.

I had no idea what potassium was! But I figured, if he ate a banana every morning, I should too. His casual remark impacted my life for years to come. 

Tom Brady’s stature could allow the Tom Brady Diet to impact multitudes more people than my brother’s friend did. And –  for the sake of humanity’s health and future – I hope it does!


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