Undo It!

Undo It Book Review
Undo It Book Review

Undo It Book Review By Dean Ornish M.D., And Anne Ornish

Undo It! is an outstanding new book with the latest information about four lifestyle changes repeatedly proven to prevent and reverse (undo) the most common chronic diseases.

In the eyes of Undo It’s co-author Dr. Dean Ornish, there are no fundamental differences among:

  • heart disease

  • stroke

  • diabetes

  • prostate cancer

and other chronic illnesses.

In his words, they’re all ”diverse manifestations and expressions of similar underlying conditions, all of which are powerfully effected by the lifestyle choices we make every day—for better or worse.” 

Why does Dr. Ornish’s opinion matter?

The answer dates back to 1993, when then-First Lady Hillary Clinton asked him to advise the White House chefs on creating healthier meals for the First Family.

For a time, President Clinton adopted the dietary changes, but the stresses of the office — and his old eating habits — caught up with him. In 2004, he underwent quadruple bypass surgery.

Six years later, one of his bypass grafts clogged and needed two surgically implanted stents to reopen it. Dr. Ornish saw a press conference during which one of the doctors who’d performed the surgery commented, “This was not the result of either his lifestyle or his diet.”

The implication was that Clinton’s genes were at fault. The idea bothered Dr. Ornish, who contacted the President with an offer.

“Our DNA is not our destiny,” he wrote, and told the former President that changing his diet and lifestyle might very well reverse his heart disease.

The “lifestyle medicine” he offered is the same program you’ll find in Undo It! As Dr. Ornish explained to Clinton, randomized controlled trials of patients who’d practiced the program showed a 91-percent reduction in angina attacks. Most were free of chest pain after just a few weeks!

Even more impressively, continued monitoring with cardiac PET scans “… revealed that blood to the heart was 400 percent higher in the group that went on this lifestyle medicine program.” 

The former President agreed to start the program. His health improved on the vegan diet so much that he became, and remains, an enthusiastic advocate of the plant-based lifestyle!

Dr. Ornish sums up his program’s four steps as:

  • “Eat well.”

  • “Move more.”

  • “Stress less.”

  • “Love more.”

Undo It! is a manual of thorough instructions for following these steps. Chapter 4 stresses the principles of a whole-food, high-flavor plant-based diet, while Chapter 8 is devoted to recipes. Chapter 5, complete with diagrammed stretches, gives advice on sensible, moderate exercise.

In Chapter 6, certified Integrative Health & Spirituality practitioner Anne contributes stress-relieving meditation and gentle yoga practices. Chapter 7 focuses on the power of love and intimacy to heal our increasingly isolated world.

My advice? Read Undo It!, put it into practice and pass it along to somebody you care about!

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