V is for Vegan By Ruby Roth

V is for Vegan By Ruby Roth
V is for Vegan By Ruby Roth

V is for Vegan By Ruby Roth

This afternoon, my 6-year-old son saw me looking at the books on my shelf. “Which one are you going to read today?” he asked — and then spotted the children’s books.

Soon, he and I were on the couch with a pile of all Ruby Roth’s kid-targeting vegan books, reading them one by one.

My little guy’s favorite?

V is for Vegan. Through Roth’s colorfully charming illustrations and often humorous text, it teaches the A-B-Cs with a vegan theme that kids can easily digest.

And its message really gets through! Although this was only the second time we’d read the story, my son was already stopping to add his own narrative on different pages. He loved explaining what was happening from his perspective.

When we came to the “D d is for dairy; Moo! Milk is for cows,” he informed me that the calf in the illustration was angry with the boy who stole his mother’s milk.

On the next page, he laughed at the funny text,”E e is for eggs WOW! From a chicken’s butt!” and asked me to read the page again and again. He had me read it four times!

Like all Roth’s books (including Vegan Is Love and That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals), V is for Vegan is written to help kids embrace its author’s three rules of a life well-lived:

  • Love deeply

  • Think critically

  • Act responsibly

Her fourth, unwritten rule? Eat vegan, of course!

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