Vitamin D for Immunity, Vitamin D for Brain Health 

Vitamin D for immunity vitamin d for brain health
Vitamin D for immunity vitamin d for brain health
Vitamin D is well-known as an important nutrient for calcium absorption and bone health. Being Vitamin D-deficient makes us susceptible to multiple conditions, including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis. But today I’d like to examine research on some of Vitamin D’s lesser-known benefits.
  • Vitamin D for immunity
  • Vitamin D for brain health

A Systemic Review of Vitamin D for Immunity

In a Queen Mary University of London systematic review of 25 randomized controlled trials,  a group of researchers led by Adrian R. Martineau, compiled data on taking Vitamin  D for immunity.
Their goal was to assess vitamin D intake’s effect on the risk of lung infection. The study, published in the February 2017 issue of the British Medical Journal included data from 11,321 participants of all ages.
The trials’ intervention group participants received vitamin D2 or D3. After a thorough review, the researchers concluded that:

1. Vitamin D reduces the risk of lung infections.

2. Daily or weekly intake of vitamin D protects the body against infectious lung diseases.

Sunshine is a top source of Vitamin D.

Two Studies Looking at Vitamin D for Brain Health

Research regarding vitamin D for brain health includes a trial published in the April 2017 issue of the Journal of Experimental Gerontology. Associate professor Jacqueline A. Pettersen, M.D. from the University of British Columbia examined vitamin D intake’s cognitive effects.
She assigned her study’s 82 Canadian enrollees to one of two groups. For 18 weeks, one took a daily 4000 IU dose of vitamin D. The other took 400 IU per day.
Dr. Petterson’s trial  found that:
  • Participants taking the high-dose Vitamin D achieved a 94.2-percent increase in Vitamin D levels, compared to a 42-percent increase in the 400-IU group.
  • High-dose participants whose Vitamin D levels were below 75 nmol/L at the trial’s outset saw a 5-percent improvement in their visual memory.  The low-dose group’s visual memory was unchanged.

From the Canadian findings, we conclude that people can improve their visual memory by upping their intake of Vitamin D for brain health!

In July 2019, researchers at Tianjin Medical University conducted a randomized controlled double-blind study led by Jingya Jia. For one year, they observed the effects taking Vitamin D had on Alzheimer’s patients’ cognitive function.
The study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry,  randomly assigned the 210 patients to two groups. One took 800 IU of Vitamin D each day and the other took a starch-granule placebo.
By the end of the year,  the researchers determined that regarding taking vitamin D for brain health :
  • Cognitive function improved in Alzheimer’s patients taking Vitamin D.
  • Full-scale IQ rose 1 percent in the patients taking Vitamin D, compared to decreasing 6.76 percent in the placebo group.

How to Get Enough Vitamin D

Every glass of Vitamin D2-fortified dairy milk comes with a side of sheep hair grease!

Sunlight is our primary source of Vitamin D. But according to this June 2018 study, up to 40 percent of the U.S. population may not spend enough time in the sun to meet their Vitamin D requirements.

Those researchers hypothesized that as younger people trade more and more outdoor activities for indoor technology, vitamin D deficiency will become even more common.

While dairy milk contains Vitamin D, it’s only there as an artificial additive. The D2 comes from greasy lanolin extracted from sheep’s wool!

Many manufacturers of plant-based milk also fortify their products with vitamin D3, but it’s derived from vegan yeast. And the amount of vitamin D in fatty fish, beef liver, egg yokes, and mushrooms isn’t sufficient for our needs.

According to a Yale Medicine article, most of us get our vitamin D from fortified foods or nutritional supplements. Beyond enjoying time in the sun, we should be choosing plant-based products that are fortified with Vitamin D so that we don’t miss out on these incredible benefits:

  • Vitamin D for immunity
  • Vitamin D for brain health
  • Vitamin D for healthy bones.
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