Why Do We Need To Eat Carbs?

Why Do We Need To Eat Carbs?
Why Do We Need To Eat Carbs?

Why Do We Need To Eat Carbs?

Last night, I had a conversation with someone who’s starting a new diet. As it often does, the question about avoiding carbs came up right away.

And so did my standard assertion: “Why Do We Need To Eat Carbs?” 

I explained that carbohydrates, along with protein and fat, are the three macronutrients forming the basis of any healthy diet. And I base my understanding of why carbs matter so much on Dr T. Colin Campbell’s book The Low-Carb Fraud.

He considers them important enough to recommend a plant-based diet consisting of 80 percent carbohydrates and only 10 percent each of protein and fat!

Why is limiting carbs such a bad idea?

Because many people lump all carbs together. In doing so, they miss out on the complex carbs found in vitamin, mineral- and fiber-rich whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

What they really need to avoid are the diabetes-friendly simple carbs in sugary, nutritionally empty sodas and sweets!

As this video from the Nutritionfacts.org website shows, the low-carb issue caused a bit of controversy at the U.S. government Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee hearing.

It began with an unidentified commenter in support of low-carb, high-fat keto diets taunting the committee:

“You know, if laughter was the best medicine, then the nutritional guidelines are best practiced, because they’re a joke.”

Her remark drew a vigorous challenge from Dr. Pam Popper, PhD. The President of Wellness Forum Health responded:

“So there’s a lot of confusion about diet. Some of it’s been sowed here; people advocating high-fat diets. And I personally take offense to anybody who would come up here and say that the dietary guidelines are a joke.”

But the touché of the day went to bariatric surgeon Garth Davis, MD. The author of Proteinaholic quipped of the low-carb hysteria:

“They don’t know whether to go low-carb; they don’t know whether to go low-fat. They’re petrified of a banana. You could hold up a bank with a piece of bread, people are so scared of carbs.”

So I hope the new dieter takes my advice to heart, learns to tell healthy carbs from unhealthy ones and ignores all the misguided, low-carb propaganda!

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