Great Gut Health in 4 Weeks: Fiber Fueled Review

gut health
gut health

Does gut health ever come up when you inventory your list of health issues? If the answer’s no, you’re not alone. 

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz’s best-selling book Fiber Fueled shares the respected gastroenterologist’s own story of searching for an answer to his physical ailments, only to find they stemmed from his diet’s effects on his gut.

“Dr. B.” had already achieved his dream. After studying medicine at Vanderbilt and graduating from Georgetown Medical School, he’d become Northwestern University’s chief medical resident.

Specializing in internal medicine and gut health, he’d already published eight papers in top gastroenterology journals. And if that wasn’t enough, he was spending his evenings at Northwestern finishing a Master’s Degree in clinical studies. 

But his success had come at a cost.

Completely exhausted from overwork, he’d watched his weight creep from 190 to 200, past 210, and then 220. It finally settled at 240 pounds – 50 pounds overweight! 

Could it be his diet? This idea didn’t even cross his mind. In his own words:

“I was a celebrated doctor at one of America’s elite medical institutions, and I had such little awareness about nutrition that I was completely incapable of advising my patients, let alone myself.”

Following his Northwestern residency, Dr. B. won a gastroenterology fellowship at UNC-Chapel Hill. He focused on epidemiology, publishing over 20 more papers in top peer-reviewed medical journals.

He also spoke at medical conferences across the country. But for all his expertise, Dr. B. couldn’t overcome his weight problem and his exhaustion. 

When help came, her name was Val. It was love at first sight, in more ways than one.

Val’s mostly plant-based diet intrigued him enough that he began replacing his fast-food breakfasts with kale smoothies. The results were immediate and striking. 

But as a trained clinical researcher, he needed studies confirming the benefits of a plant-based diet. A little digging left him “absolutely shocked” by his findings:

“There was a mountain of evidence to support the way I was feeling. We’re not talking about a few bad studies where the truth was stretched or there were hyperbolic claims. I’m talking study after study providing a uniform consistent result.”

That “mountain of evidence” became the basis for Fiber Fueled.  It presents page after page of evidence-supported information on fiber’s role in achieving and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome.

Eating for Your Gut Health

The key to gut health is biodiversity, which requires feeding “good” gut bacteria the foods they need to thrive. 

Did you know an adult human colon contains about 39 trillion microorganisms? According to this study, our gut microorganisms outnumber our bodies’ cells by nearly 2 trillion!

Imagine an entire bacterial world inside your gut. Which gut would you prefer? A sad one, resembling a smog-enshrouded, dystopian city? Or a happy one, flourishing like the Garden of Eden? 

Harmful bacteria fueled by the processed food, meat-heavy Standard American Diet inhabit a SAD gut. Fiber-fueled good bacteria inhabit a happy one!

But not just any fiber! Fiber pills don’t cut it. Neither do brand-name cereals or breakfast biscuits.

Good gut health depends on supplying our colons with fiber from a variety of plant-based foods.

Dr. B insists that including a diversity of plants in our diets is “the single greatest predictor of a healthy gut microbiome.” 

Every single bite we take matters. “It doesn’t take days or even weeks to change your microbes; it just takes one bite.” 

He also scorns processed foods, meat, dairy, and eggs and derides the widespread dietary obsession with eliminating plant-based food groups:

“Elimination diets will only heighten food sensitivities.”

His recommendation of a diverse plant-based menu includes many foods some diet gurus consider definite no-nos:

  • fruit
  • beans
  • nightshade vegetables
  • potatoes
  • wheat


All essential for gut health – and that “The gut microbiota is a command center of sorts for human health.” 

B’s Gut Health Success Story

As you’d expect of a trained clinical researcher, Dr. B. followed the research and changed his diet. Before long, he began feeling younger and more energetic.

And his weight dropped from 240 pounds to where it remains – his college weight of 190 pounds! Perhaps no one was happier about this transformation than his wife Val. 

In addition to Dr. B’s story, Fiber Fueled shares testimony from many of his clinic’s patients. All of them experienced the same radical transformation.

And, to help his readers get started on the road to gut health?  

Fiber Fueled also provides an incredible four-week diet plan, complete with grocery shopping lists and recipes! 


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