Vegan Is Love By Ruby Roth

Vegan Is Love By Ruby Roth
Vegan Is Love By Ruby Roth

Vegan Is Love By Ruby Roth

Explaining the heartbreaking plight of animals confined in zoos or aquariums to your children can be difficult.

Enter Ruby Roth’s book, Vegan is Love. My three younger children were thrilled when we received the book in the mail today. They wasted no time in gathering around me!

I’ve often talked with them about the importance of being kind to animals and bugs. So it was wonderful to open a book that drove same message home — in a firm, but child-appropriate, way.

From its first page to its last, Vegan Is Love covers themes important to vegans. I paused several times to add details about animal testing, sea parks and aquariums and pollution.

But even if I hadn’t, Roth explains her topic with such clarity that my kids still would have understood her main message:

“The truth is, we do not need to eat meat or dairy. Most animals in the world are herbivores, and just like them, we can grow strong and healthy by eating from nature’s garden.”

My favorite aspect of Vegan Is Love? Roth consistently returns to the reason why we are kind to all creatures: love. With love as her focus, she uses difficult issues to repeat her underlying message of compassion and hope.

I’ll be reading this book to my children over and over again. And you can read my review of another Ruby Roth standout,That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, here.

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